Trans Hungária Szállítmányozási és Logisztikai Kft.



Trans Hungária Kft. offers its customers comprehensive services, from receiving the goods to delivery to the addressee, while assuming liability for both the logistics activities and the inherent risk.



Our centre in Biatorbágy offers a 1700 m² warehouse space for both existing and future customers. The building and vehicle park meets the demands of modern logistics services and speeds up the process of professional removal from and placing into storage.


With our Pallet Express service, we can deliver shipments to the addressee within 24-48-72 hours of receipt anywhere in Hungary.


Why Us??

We are living in a fast-paced and increasingly impersonal world where, sadly, traditional values such as professionalism, dependability, and communication are disappearing. During its more than 20 years of operations, our company has laid a great deal of emphasis on not only keeping these values, but supplementing them with accuracy, precision, and reliability.

Almost 80% of our shipping tasks are carried out with the use of our own equipment. All of our vehicles are equipped with GPS trackers, allowing us to provide immediate information on the whereabouts of goods when requested by our clients.

Welcome to
Trans Hungária Kft

Our company aims to provide its partners with high quality services at accessible prices. In addition to utilizing the experiences and technical knowledge that our colleagues have amassed over the years, we also make sure to always keep our IT background and vehicle fleet up to date.

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